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If we consider the technological advancements of our society and the major role that health institutions play in our lives, we assume that most of the world should at least benefit from pure tap water, especially countries as developed as the USA. However, despite the fact that municipal water treatment facilities are carefully monitored, the water that reaches most homes is far from being potable. This happens due to the fact that a lot of major cities still use water pipes which were installed almost 100 years ago. As a result, it is essential to avoid drinking tap water as much as possible. In order to protect their health, most people turn to bottled water which is indeed healthier. However, such a solution can cost you a lot of money, and the environmental impact is pretty powerful. Filtered water is almost 15 times cheaper than bottled water. Furthermore, even if you were to recycle all used plastic bottles, you would only decrease the environmental impact by 10%, as most of the global warming impact is caused by transportation and manufacturing processes. Given these facts, in order to protect their health and the environment, all people should turn to water filtration systems. However, choosing a water filter can be quite troublesome since there are so many choices on the market. How can a person know which brand is better and which filter is most suited for their needs? In order to ease this decision, today we will present you with PUR faucet water filters.

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When buying a water filter, the first thing that you must consider is the number and type of contaminants the filter will trap. PUR faucet water filters are NSF certified and they are designed to trap up to 61 water contaminants. Furthermore, the PUR filters are also endorsed by the American Dental Association due to the fact that they don’t filter fluoride which can be very useful in preventing cavities. When buying their first water filter, a lot of people are concerned about the installation process and the maintenance tasks and costs. The faucet mount systems used by the PUR filers are designed in order to fit most filters, except for pull-out filters. Furthermore, these devices are very easy to use. They even feature an ON/OFF switch, so that you can switch from normal tap water to filtered water, according to your needs. The filters are easy to replace: all you have to do is twist the top cover, take out the old filter and replace it with the new one. Last but not least, avoid running hot water through the filters (as this will decrease the filter’s effectiveness), and remember to run the filter for five minutes through cold water after the replacement. Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s take a look at the best PUR water faucet filtration systems.

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This filter is not only efficient, but also very stylish. It comes in four finish choices (white, chrome, silver and stainless steel), and it can nicely complement any modern kitchen. Furthermore, the horizontal design is a real space saver. For only $44.99, this filter comes with many benefits. It is part of an improved generation of PUR faucet water filters which are very easy to install and remove far more contaminants than similar filters on the market. PUR faucet water filters can purify as much as 100 gallons of water per day and they are covered by a great 2-year limited warranty. Aside from greatly improving the taste and odor of tap water, this filter can also remove up to 99% of lead and pharmaceutical byproducts. The filter also features a built-in electronic indicator which tells you when the filter needs to be changed. The device can be installed with a simple click, so if you ever need some extra space in the sink, feel free to remove it and put it back again later. This filter is a lot easier to use and more efficient than 3 stage filters. Last but not least, this filter is also very affordable as it only costs $44.99 (except for the one with the stainless steel finish which costs 49.99)

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This water filter model has received a great number of negative reviews in the past. Although it was designed to be as efficient as the Advanced Plus filters, the parts were of a lower quality which caused leaks and other problems. However, the PUR brand values their customer satisfaction greatly which is why they redesigned the problematic parts. Furthermore, in order to settle your quality worries, you should know that this product also comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Furthermore, most customers who used this product stated that they actually noticed a big difference in their tap water quality. The great thing about this filter is that like the Advanced Plus model, it filters over 99.99% of contaminants yet it does not trap the good minerals. It comes in 5 finish choices: silver, chrome, white, black and stainless steel. Furthermore, it only costs $34.99, except for the stainless steel version which costs $44.99.

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A lot of people are under the impression that boiling water is the best way to remove dangerous contaminants. However, not all water contaminants are destroyed through boiling, the most resilient ones being led and microbial cysts. However, the PUR Baby Faucet Water Filter does remove over 99% of these contaminants (it is effective against 61 different types of water contaminants), so it is a safer choice for children than boiled water. It also removes trance and pharmaceuticals. This filter is recommended for water needed to mix cereal and infant formula. It does not just remove contaminants, but it also greatly improves the water’s taste and odor. As most PUR faucet water filters, it uses a simple 1-click installation system which allows you to mount it and remove it, according to your needs. It also has a built-in electronic filter indicator. A single cartridge can last as much as 3 months, the equivalent of 100 gallons of filtered water. Last but not least, this filter only costs $29.99.

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If you are looking for a simple yet efficient water filter, you should check out the Basic Faucet Water Filter which only costs $25.99. Despite the fact that it is very cheap, this filter is quite stylish and modern. It comes in both black and white finishes and it has a 360-degree swivel, which allows it to fit in most sinks. It has a high quality construction which allows it to resist extensive kitchen use. It also has a built-in filter indicator which lets the users know when the filter cartridge needs to be replaced. Like most PUR faucet filters, it has a 1-click installation system and it is covered by a 2 year limited warranty. Needless to say, it removes over 99% water contaminants and each filter can deliver over 100 gallons of pure, great tasting water.

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As you can see, PUR is a trusted brand which values customer satisfaction. Few brands can afford the luxury of offering 2-year warranty packages for products which cost as little as $25. Furthermore, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that PUR also has a great customer service department and they are willing to do anything it takes in order for their customers to be fully satisfied with their products.

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