Springwell Salt Based Water Softener Reviews: [2023]

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When it comes to home water supplies, hard water is a common problem. Calcium and other hard minerals can deposit in your drainage system and home appliances, generating unattractive areas and, in the long run, dangerous leaks. Here you will discover detailed Springwell salt based water softener reviews, as well as all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

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Springwell SS Water Softener System 

SpringWell CSS1- Water Filter and Salt-Based Water Softener System 

SpringWell CSS1 Salt-Based Water Softener System 

Combining this conventional salt-based softener with the best catalytic carbon-targeting whole-house water filter makes it simple to soften and filter the water used throughout a whole home.

ImageSpringWell CSS1- Water Filter and Salt-Based Water Softener System 
Flow rate11 GPM
Operating pressure25-80 PSI
Operating temperature36-120 degrees Fahrenheit
pH range6.5-10
Brine tankW 18″ x H 33″ (Round)
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How does SpringWell CSS1 Water Filter work? 

The ActivFlo system’s four steps of proprietary design ensure that the water and filtration media have ample opportunity to come into contact with one another. A standard water softener uses ion exchange to remove hardness minerals calcium, magnesium, and iron from water by replacing them with sodium chloride (salt) or potassium chloride.

Step 1: Filtering of the water.

  • Stage 1, is forced through a KDF media, which filters out chlorine and other chemicals  
  • In Stage 2, a catalytic carbon media is utilized to remove organic pollutants such as chloramine, VOCs, pesticides, and herbicides from the water. 
  • Stage 3, has developed a new layout that reduces the occurrence of channeling while maximizing the duration spent in contact. 
  • Fourth, any leftover sand or silt is filtered out using a 5-micron sediment filter.

Step 2: Using a water softener 

This revolutionary salt-based water softener works by exchanging the ions that make up the hard water with the ions that make up the soft water. An electronic metered valve mounted on the resin tank’s lid is used to determine how many gallons of water will be needed for the washing cycle.

Any trapped minerals are then flushed out of the system via a series of back flushes. Inside the tank is a resin bed that works by exchanging the hardness-causing minerals (mainly calcium and magnesium) for salts like sodium chloride and potassium chloride. During the cycle, the salts in the resin bed are also refilled, and the system is revived for another round of operation.

Springwell Salt Based Water Softener System

Benefits of using SpringWell CSS1 

Filters Out The Dangerous Stuff

The following toxins are effectively removed from your water while the best is preserved by this whole-house water filtration system.

  • MTBE (Methyl Trimethylamine)
  • THM (Trihalomethane)
  • Haloacetic Acids (Trimethylhexylamine)
  • Disgusting smell and taste
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Reduces The Water Hardness

Mineral deposits in the water supply are a leading cause of plumbing and appliance breakdowns. Using a salt-based water softening system to eliminate hard-scale accumulation will extend the life of your equipment.

Reduces the Laundry Detergent

The whiteness and color of your garments will hold up better and remain brighter if you wash them with softer water, which has fewer damaging chemicals and minerals. The use of this salt-based water softener can cut down laundry detergent consumption by as much as 40 percent.

Water Tastes

Fantastic tasting water on every tap. Chlorine and other pollutants that contribute to off-flavors in water can be removed by filtering the water to a purity level of 99.6 percent. The water you’ll be drinking from this whole-house filtration system will be far superior to that which comes in plastic bottles.

springwell salt based ion exchange water softening system

Healthier and more appetizing food

Using this whole-house water filter system will improve the flavor and freshness of all of your food and drink. It has been scientifically proven that using purer water in the kitchen enhances flavor and produces a more authentic end product.

Improved health

The purer water is very good for your skin and hair. Filtered water is safe to drink since it has been purified of any hazardous bacteria, chemicals, or other substances.

Pros And Cons

  • User-friendly installation
  • Optional Bluetooth service
  • Contains 32,000 grains of softening resin
  • 11 GPM flow rate
  • Enough for a medium-sized house (1-3 washrooms)
  • Expensive 

SpringWell WSSS1- Well Salt-Based Water Softener

ImageWell Water Filter and Salt Based Water Softener
Flow rate20 GPM
Operating pressure25-80
Operating temperature36-120 degrees Fahrenheit
pH range6.5-10
Connection size1″
PriceSee At Website

If you have a well and need to purify the water by getting rid of contaminants like iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and hard water minerals, this is the system for you. Clean, healthy water is provided by the whole-house well system, and the water softener eliminates the hard water minerals that can cause buildup in your plumbing and fixtures with its slippery, soft water.

The SpringWell AIO System can filter out hydrogen sulfide at 8 ppm, iron at 7 ppm, and manganese at 1 ppm. The filter media bed is washed and refilled with pollutants with each daily backwash. The process of regeneration also generates a new air pocket within the system.

Well Water Filter and Salt Based Water Softener

How Does Springwell WSSS-1 Work? 

This salt-based water softener has a patent, and it turns hard water into soft water via a process called ion exchange. The electronic metering valve affixed to the resin tank allows the system to precisely gauge how much water will be required for a cleaning cycle. When the resin bed is full, a cleaning cycle is initiated. Trapped minerals are flushed out of the system via a series of back flushes that occur periodically throughout the cycle.

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Water is made “soft” by passing through a resin bed inside the tank, where salts like sodium and potassium chloride are swapped for minerals that contribute to hardness (mainly calcium and magnesium). The salts in the resin bed are refilled throughout the cycle we’ll discuss later, at which point the system is revived and ready for use again.

  • In the first step, water flows through a pocket of air at the tank’s top, oxidizing iron, sulfur, or manganese.
  • Second, the green sand fusion bed is used to collect the oxidized material or sulfur gas.
  • Third, the mechanism activates the fresh air pocket again after flushing the impurities from the bed down a drain. An Empress Vortech Tank is utilized by the system to rapidly and thoroughly clean the bed.
  • Clean and pure water that is free of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfides is delivered to each room in your house in Step 4.

Benefits of SpringWell WSSS1 

Use App to Manage Your System

  • In one place, check the current status and configuration of each valve.
  • Adaptable Valve Settings
  • Check out recent and past water consumption data.
  • You can activate a backwash or regeneration cycle remotely using your mobile device.
  • Get a handle on the system’s inner workings and the purpose of its many settings.
  • If all of the valves in the system are Legacy valves, connect to them.

Delicious Food

You may improve the flavor and refreshment of your food and drinks by installing this salt-based softener system. Researchers have found that when using cleaner water for cooking, the food has a stronger flavor and a more authentic aroma.

Eliminating Pollutants

By supporting you in filtering out unwanted substances while keeping the best, this system lets you keep everything under tight control. As a result, you have several safeguards in place to combat these pollutants:

  • Reduced iron levels by as much as 7 parts per million
  • Reduces H2S concentrations by up to 8 ppm
  • Reducing manganese levels to 1 part per million 

Pros And Cons

  • NSF certified
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy Bluetooth access
  • QLow salt consumption
  • Not suitable for people with sodium sensitivity 

Flow rate

While deciding on a water softener, it’s crucial to think about the flow rate, since it determines how much water may be used at once without reducing the water pressure for any of your activities.

There are several different models of the SpringWell salt-based water softener, each with a different maximum flow rate (11-20 GPM). Three different models are available, each with a different maximum flow rate: the SS1 can handle 11 GPM, the SS4 can handle 13 GPM, and the SS+ can handle 20 GPM.

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The 9 GPM flow rate of the SpringWell Salt-Based SS1 model should be sufficient to provide adequate water pressure. But, a larger household may necessitate a more powerful model to guarantee adequate water pressure for all users.

Springwell SS ion exchange water-softener Control valve

Installation and maintenance 

To save you time and effort, SpringWell designed their Salt-Based Water Softener to be less complicated to set up. The water softener’s installation kit provides everything you need to get started, and there are also written instructions and access to a customer service rep if you have any questions.

I recommend contacting a professional plumber if you are not interested in or capable of performing DIY tasks.

To keep your SpringWell Salt-Based Water Softener operating smoothly, just refill the brine tank with salt a few times each year, as directed by the manufacturer.

You won’t have to change this system very often due to the high-quality resin utilized in its construction; it will endure for about 8 years.

how to install springwell water softener

warranty and customer service 

There is no better water softener on the market than the SpringWell Salt-Based Water Softener, which comes with a lifetime warranty.

This water softener system comes with a 6-month money-back satisfaction guarantee from SpringWell, demonstrating the company’s confidence in its product.

SpringWell salt-based water softeners are best for? 

If you want to buy a salt-based water softener from a reputable company at a reasonable price, I recommend the SpringWell salt-based series. SpringWell water softeners may cost a little more, but their superior quality and customer support are well worth the investment, according to the company’s many satisfied customers.

springwell water filteration system warranty and customer service 

FAQs springwell salt based water softener reviews

Does a salt-based water softener improve water quality?

Water softeners that use salt to dissolve the mineral salts in water are an innovative solution to the problem of hard water. Springwell salt-based water softener reviews explain this behavior. As a result, there won’t be any limescale to cling to your home’s appliances and plumbing. Your hair and skin will stop feeling dry and scratchy, and your clothes will look fresher and cleaner.

Which water softener, salt or salt-free, is superior?

A salt-based water softener is proven to provide softer water, healthier skin, and no scale buildup. A salt-based system is a better investment.

If I already have a water softener, is there any need to get a filter?

Water softeners simply remove minerals like calcium and magnesium from hard water; they do not filter the water. To make the water safe for drinking, cooking, and showering, a water filter is still necessary.

Conclusion: springwell salt based water softener reviews

Springwell salt based water softener reviews can help you choose a water softener for your home that is easy to use. This water softening system is highly efficient in removing the hardness-causing minerals and other contaminants from the water.

Since it works so well, your home’s water quality and, by extension, your quality of life, will increase dramatically. The Bluetooth head on the Springwell water softener allows you to quickly connect to the system

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