Springwell Futuresoft Salt-Free Water Softener Reviews: [2023]

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A whole-house water conditioner and scale remover, the SpringWell Futuresoft Salt-free Water Softener doesn’t utilize salt. Scale is removed from pipelines and appliances and new scale is prevented. In the end, the SpringWell Futuresoft should help your appliances last longer because of its ability to reduce corrosion caused by hard water. To help you have more information, here are Springwell Futuresoft Salt-free Water Softener Reviews for you to have the best one for you. 

The Futuresoft is a greener option than traditional salt-based softeners since it automatically adjusts to the hardness of the water in each home. Water is not wasted in the softening process, and it does not need electricity to function.

You won’t have to worry about adding salt or cleaning the SpringWell Futuresoft too often, so it is practically maintenance-free.

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Springwell FutureSoft® Salt-Free Water Softener Reviews 


ImageFutureSoft® Salt-Free Water Softener
Tank Width6″
Flow rate12 GPM
Operating pressure 20-80 PSI
Hardness GPG max81
Salinity35000 PPM
pH range7.0- 9.5
PriceSee On Website

The Futuresoft water softening system eliminates the need for salt and the associated environmental harm caused by standard salt-based systems by recycling the used water and not releasing salt brine. Reduce scale buildup, maximize appliance longevity, and simplify cleaning immediately! Get the best of both worlds with this whole House Water Filter & Softener Combo System, which provides you with softened water in addition to filtered water that makes your water taste so much better.

Prevents New Scale and Removes Old

One of the most significant problems with the plumbing and appliances in your house is hard water, which is the result of mineral buildup. WiththisSalt-Free System, you can protect your home appliances from corrosion and use them for a longer period. This Salt-Free method eliminates the need for poisonous salts and chemicals.

The Advantages of Low-Salt

The FutureSoft will crystallize the hard water minerals, rendering them incapable of sticking, etching, or bonding and therefore eliminating the potential for scale formation. Additionally, you will spend less time cleaning on a daily and/or weekly basis. Stubborn water stains can be readily wiped away.

Extend the Service Life of Your Appliances

Scale accumulation in your pipes and aerators from utilizing hard water can be disastrous for your home’s plumbing and appliances. The water pressure drops and the lifespan of all of your appliances plummet once this happens.

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No Need To Worry About Replacing It Ever

This cutting-edge, salt-free technology was developed so that no freshwater is wasted and no power is consumed. This setup doesn’t necessitate the usage of salts, unlike the majority of water-softening kits on the market.

  • You don’t have to use any salt, and there’s no pointless water usage.
  • Uses zero energy
  • You don’t have to worry about replacing it ever. 
FutureSoft® Salt-Free Water Softener


  • No slippery feel to the water
  • Provides cleaner and healthier skin
  • No drop in water pressure
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Water hardness is not reduced 

Springwell Well Water Filter and Salt-Free Water Softener 

What you need is this complete SpringWell Water System. If you have a private well and are experiencing problems with limescale/calcium buildup on your plumbing, pipes, and fixtures due to Iron, Manganese, and Sulfur, then you may want to consider a water softener. You and your home’s plumbing and appliances will both benefit from this hassle-free solution.


ImageWell Water Filter and Salt-Free Water Softener
Filtration capacity8 PPM
Replacement requiredNo
Flow rate15 GPM
Guarantee6-month money-back guarantee
PriceSee On Website

Contaminants Removal

The SpringWell AIO System is effective at reducing Hydrogen Sulfide levels by up to 8 PPM, Iron levels by up to 7 PPM, and Manganese levels by up to 1 PPM. The filter media bed can be refreshed and the collected pollutants removed with a daily backwash. The process of regeneration also incorporates a new supply of oxygen-rich air into the infrastructure.

The Orange and Black Stains Are Gone

Sulfur, manganese, and iron are targeted elements in this system. Get ready to bid farewell to discolored plumbing fixtures and welcome back shiny new kitchenware.

Eliminating the Smell of Old Eggs

With this strong filtration system, you can remove up to 8 parts per million of sulfur, making your well water smell as good as new. You may finally relax and enjoy activities like showering, washing your face, preparing meals, etc.

Better Quality and Hygiene

By installing this whole-house water filter system, you can be assured that all of your beverages and meals will have a cleaner, crisper taste. Cooking with purer water yields more intense flavors and a more authentic taste, according to research.

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Eliminates Pollutants With Zero Upkeep

For maximum protection against these toxins, this technology provides you with numerous buffer zones, allowing you to selectively eliminate the worst while keeping the best.

  • Extraction of Iron down to 7 ppm
  • Detoxification from H2S up to 8 ppm
  • Up to 1 ppm manganese elimination.

No Need to Ever Replace It

Its cutting-edge, salt-free technology was developed to be completely self-sufficient in terms of both water and power. This setup does not require the usage of salts, in contrast to the majority of water-softening kits on the market.

Well Water Filter and Salt-Free Water Softener

Working of SpringWell Well Water Filter and Salt-Free Water Softener

  • First, the iron, sulfur, or manganese is oxidized as the water runs through a pocket of air at the tank’s top.
  • Second, the bed of the green sand fusion is used to capture the oxidized material or sulfur gas.
  • Third, the system drains the bed’s contaminants via a backwashing process and re-establishes the fresh air pocket. The bed is cleaned quickly and thoroughly with the help of an Empress Vortech Tank.
  • The fourth step involves distributing clean, fresh air throughout your house that is free of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide.


  • Prevents and cleanses existing scale
  • No need for a replacement
  • Better tasting food
  • 6-month money-back guarantee
  • Not suitable to use in old homes
  • Lifetime warranty only on tank and valve

Tip to test if your water softener is functioning correctly

Gather a bucketful of water and a fair bit of soap. Give it a good stir and count the bubbles to determine if there are more or less than usual. A lack of bubbles indicates that the water is difficult to lather, which is a telltale sign that your water softener is broken.

How to install Springwell Futuresoft Salt-free Water Softener? 

Is do-it-yourself work something you enjoy? How handy would you say you are? Have you ever worked with pipes and plumbing before? Then maybe this is the job for you! If not, you should get a plumber or handyman. The size and kind of your home’s pipework will determine how simple the installation is. In addition to the 1′′ elbow fittings, you will also get a bypass valve. Any necessary piping and fittings for the system’s installation are not included. 

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You can also get a plumber or handyman to help you out. Of course, you may always employ a handyman or plumber if you lack the necessary skills. The placement of your home’s main water line can affect the cost of this service.

Good to know 

You may rest assured that the system will safeguard your home’s plumbing, water heater, dishwasher, showers, and more if you’ve recently moved in. It is built to withstand extreme heat and can function with little or a lot of water.

FAQs: Springwell Futuresoft Salt-Free Water Softener Reviews

How effective are salt-free water softeners?

There are currently no viable alternatives to salt-in-water softeners. Since all water softeners utilize salt to dissolve hard minerals in the water, the term “salt-free water softener” is misleading. This is specifically when referring to salt-free water conditioners.

Exactly how long do salt-free softeners work?

In addition, they are easier to run and require less upkeep than their counterparts. Systems like these typically survive as long as conventional softeners, which is to say roughly 10 years. If not more, due to the reduced complexity and maintenance requirements.

Is water softening filter safe to consume?

Softened water is OK to drink, but you should still verify the hardness level beforehand. Below 400 parts per million, it is considered drinkable. A reverse osmosis filter must be installed if the sodium concentration is higher than 400 parts per million.

Final Words: Springwell Futuresoft Salt-Free Water Softener Reviews


The SpringWell whole house filtration and softening systems are among the best options available on today’s market, and the SpringWell Futuresoft does not disappoint. While this conditioning system is significantly more expensive than previous designs, its level of service still makes it a fantastic value for money. The pre-filter is affordable to change, and aside from that, there’s essentially no upkeep to think about.

If you are looking for a salt-free conditioner that will save both time and money, the SpringWell Futuresoft is a fantastic alternative. As a salt-free softener, this system is significantly better for the environment and removes the need for the recurring expenditure of salt.

The SpringWell FutureSoft is one of the finest saltless softeners on the market and is suitable for anyone whose primary objective is to reduce the scale. I hope that you would have found these Springwell Futuresoft Salt-free Water Softener Reviews useful. 

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