SpringWell Vs Fleck: Which Is Better In 2023?

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Water quality is a major concern for many municipalities, which is why many make significant efforts to improve it. The problem is that they often neglect to carry out tests that would reveal even the tiniest traces of water contamination. The water may have an unpleasant flavor or odor due to impurities like chlorine, germs, or even lead. To choose the best water filter, we have the best choices Springwell vs Fleck for you. 

A water filter can assist with removing these impurities, enhancing the water’s flavor and making it safe to drink. Also, compared to buying bottled water, the price of installing a water filtration system is more reasonable.

Springwell vs Fleck: Comparison Table 

FeaturesSpringWell CF1Fleck 5600sxt
ImagesSpringwell cf1 Whole House Water Filter SystemFleck 48,000 Water Softener System
Filter typeWhole house water filterWater softener
Flow rate9 GPM7-15 GPM
WarrantyLifetime5-10 years
Maintenance6-9 monthsLow to minimum
InstallationMay be difficult for some peopleDIY
Price Buy From SpringwellWaterSee Price At Amazon
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Springwell vs Fleck 

Springwell CF1 Whole-house water filter system

This Springwell water filter system is one of the best on the market, and the company promises happy customers every time. There are four filtering stages and a massive capacity of 1,000,000 gallons to get rid of harmful substances like acids, chlorine, herbicides, and more. The CF1’s low maintenance needs are a surprise given its robust set of features and capabilities. Also, Springwell provides a lifetime warranty and a 6-month money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the filters.

Springwell cf1 Whole House Water Filter System

Fleck 5600sxt water softener 

The Fleck 6500 is widely regarded as one of the best water softeners available today. It’s incredible how well this gadget works and how little it costs. The warranty is a significant benefit when you consider the whole value you will receive. For softening your water, we advise the Fleck 5600 SXT.

Fleck 48,000 Water Softener System

How does it work? Springwell vs Fleck 

Springwell CF1 

The water is completely purified and all contaminants are removed thanks to the sophisticated four-layer filtering system of Springwell CF1.

Stage 1

The municipal water passes through a KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) media, which is crucial in removing chlorine and other contaminants. Given that this is the initial filtering phase, some very small particles, and chemicals may make it through.

Stage 2

The second phase involves removing organic contaminants from water by the use of a carbon medium made from coconut shells. Pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic compounds, chloramine, chlorine, and other chemicals are just some of the possible sources of contamination.

Stage 3

The next step is the proprietary design media used in all SpringWell water filters, which is responsible for the system’s unmatched effectiveness in purifying water. The multi-layered filter and the water’s extended contact time are what the company makes such grand claims.

Stage 4

Finally, a 5-micron sediment filter is used to remove any remaining sand, mud, clay, or other particles that were missed before. To cut a long tale short, none of the common organic pollutants like chlorine, haloacetic acids, PFOA, PFOS, or sulfur will be present in the water supply.

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Fleck 5600sxt water softener

The Fleck 5600 SXT is capable of filtering out calcium and other hard water minerals thanks to its ion exchange technology.

As a result, there will be significantly less hard water staining on faucets, toilets, showers, etc., and there will be no more scale building in your home’s plumbing, prolonging the life of pipes, fixtures, and appliances. Perhaps your hair and skin will improve as a result, too!

Depending on the size of the system you install, you can expect a flow rate of up to 15 gallons per minute with acceptable water pressure (between 20 and 80 psi) (24,000 to 80,000 grains). In most cases, a flow rate of 10-12 gallons per minute (gpm) is enough for houses with several bathrooms.

Installation: Springwell vs Fleck 

Springwell CF1 

The Springwell Whole Home Water Filter System is simple to set up, even though some customers may have trouble with the process. The system requires assembly and installation on your part because it does not arrive in that form. The bypass valve and user-friendly illustrations in the supplied manual make installation a breeze.

Fleck 5600sxt

The Fleck 5600SXT, like the Springwell contender, comes with an easy-to-follow handbook and installation videos that cut setup time to just under two hours. Both skilled technicians and inexperienced homeowners will be able to complete the installation successfully.

Maintenance: Springwell vs Fleck 

Springwell CF1 

CF1 is a low-maintenance unit in general, although its installation may require assistance from a specialist. The pre-filter should be replaced every 6-9 months, and the media should be changed every decade.

Fleck 5600sxt

Fleck 5600sxt is expected to have a 15-year shelf life in grain. The calcium and magnesium-rich grains can be cleaned and rinsed by adding salt to the brine tank. Fleck 5600SXT is a downflow device, therefore during the regeneration process, it requires more water and water softener salt. Its expected that the grains will be washed once a week.

It takes up to 98.5 gallons of water and 15 pounds of salt for each regeneration in Fleck’s 48,000-grain softener.

Warranty: Springwell vs Fleck 

Springwell CF1 

With its premium carbons, up-flow design, and complex filtration system, Springwell is confident enough in its product to provide a lifetime guarantee on the filter and all of its components. Maltreatment, negligence, damage from fire or frost, etc. are not covered by the warranty.

Also, there is a six-month trial period. If you are not completely happy by the end of that period, the company will refund your money.

Fleck 5600sxt

Each part of the system is covered by a warranty from Fleck. Tank is covered by a ten-year warranty, whereas the resin isn’t and the rest of the components only have a five-year coverage period. Even though this isn’t the finest deal when compared to the lifetime warranty on Springwell softeners, the customer service is excellent.

Food and water taste: Springwell vs Fleck 

Springwell CF1 

Chlorine is a leading factor in making water toxic and artificial tasting. The bad-tasting and-smelling chlorine and chloramine are successfully removed by this device. You may have the greatest-tasting water in the world right from the tap after installing this whole-house water filter.

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Water that has been properly filtered has been shown to improve the flavor of food and drink. Several meals, including soups, broths, stews, and more, rely primarily on the water as an ingredient. Isn’t that a wonderful offer?

Fleck 5600sxt

It alters the flavor of foods like fruits and vegetables, extends the life of electronics, and soothes the scalp and skin. What’s the best part? It’s a great alternative to the Springwell SS1 because it’s more reasonably priced than other premium solutions.

Best for: Springwell vs Fleck 

Springwell CF1 

If you are looking for a whole-house water filter that does not require the use of salt and is now the most efficient model available, the SpringWell CF1 is your best and most cost-effective alternative.

Fleck 5600sxt

The Fleck 5600sxt water softener is one of the greatest alternatives available in this price range. When it comes to saltwater softeners, it is one of the best water softeners overall.

Pros and Cons: Springwell vs Fleck 

Springwell CF1 Pros

  • Cost-effective
  • Superb potential
  • Does not affect the water pressure in sinks and showers.
  • Benefits extend beyond just hydration, with healthier hair and skin being a bonus.
  • Does not require regular upkeepĀ 
  • Sediment pre-filters can be swapped out every 6-9 months.
  • Reduces chloride
  • Lifetime guarantee on all tanks and controls
  • Some folks may have trouble with the installation

Fleck 5600sxt Pros 

  • A bright and legible liquid crystal display.
  • High-strength resin is resistant to the deteriorating effects of chlorine.
  • A power failure won’t compromise your settings.
  • Comes with a five-year guarantee
  • Having a power backup system set up in your home
  • Iron in the water will still be there after using it.

Methodology We Used for Evaluating Household Water Softening Equipment

Based on these criteria, we analyzed the above water filtration systems:

Flow rate

The number of gallons of water that may pass through a water filter in one minute is known as its flow rate (GPM). The bypass valve, control valve, mineral tank, and distribution system are only some of the components that affect the softener’s flow rate. This value is also affected by the amount and kind of ion exchange softening resin used.

Water filter low water pressure might occur if the filter’s flow rate is insufficient to supply the household’s demands. The ions may get through, too, making your water a touch more acidic than it has to be.

The effectiveness of a water filter and softener improves with an increasing flow rate. Yet, a large water softener is not necessary for smaller residences that use a limited amount of water. In most cases, a softener with a 12 GPM flow rate will be adequate for a typical house with 1-3 bathrooms.

Capacity for Grain (Grains)

The grain capacity of a water softener is a popular criterion for evaluating its effectiveness. A water softener’s grain capacity indicates how much hardness it can effectively remove from the water. Grain capacity is influenced by both the resin inside the softener tank and the sodium film over that resin.

A softening system’s grain capacity grows in tandem with the number of calcium and magnesium ions it can bind to the resin. The success of this procedure is contingent on the resin’s quantity and quality. Similarly, the resin’s ability to absorb a significant quantity of potentially toxic minerals is dependent on the quantity and quality of the sodium or potassium coat that covers it.

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How many grains can be extracted from one pound of salt is an important consideration when evaluating grain capacity. This data provides a rough estimate of the water softener’s performance and capacity.


To keep it in good working order, a water filter needs to be serviced like any other household device. Setting up the frequency, length, time, and salt dosage for each regeneration cycle is an important aspect of the maintenance process.

When it comes to managing and adjusting the water filter, some devices on the market have more adjustable settings. Furthermore, they don’t require you to keep the manual close at hand, while others may require you to do so.

Water softener components, like any other, require periodic cleaning. The manual will specify which parts need minimal maintenance and which need frequent servicing. Get a water softener that requires minimal care and servicing if you are kind to forget about it or put off doing the dishes.

FAQs: SpringWell Vs Fleck

For a Fleck 5600sxt, how long does it take to regenerate?

It takes about an hour for the hardness minerals to be exchanged for harmless sodium or potassium ions after the backwash step, during which salt brine is automatically brought in from the brine tank and slowly rinses through the softening resin. By 90 minutes, this fully automated procedure, known as “regeneration,” will have completed its work.

In what quantity of salt does a fleck 5600sxt consist?

To keep up with rising demands for water, the system regenerates more frequently. The tried-and-true 5600 valve is the basis of Fleck’s most popular controller, the 5600 SXT Metered Control. This system comes with a 14-by-14-by-34-inch square brine tank, which can hold around 250 pounds of salt.

Can a water filter be overused?

With time, your filter may deteriorate to the point where it can no longer effectively remove harmful substances from your drinking water. The entire point of a water filter is defeated if the filter needs to be changed before it lets dangerous chemicals and organisms back into your home.

How do I determine if my water filter is effective?

High amounts of essential contaminants including viruses, arsenic, lead, and nitrates are not perceptible to the senses, but a sudden change in taste, odor, or color can signal that your filter is malfunctioning. The water must be tested to determine if the filter is functioning properly.

Final Words: SpringWell Vs Fleck

If you have medium to high water hardness and are on a tight budget, the Fleck 5600 SXT water softener is your best bet.

Every component is included in the package. Setting it up and configuring it yourself isn’t that difficult. a bonus, the vast majority of buyers are content with their acquisition. The finishing touch is excellent customer service.

Springwell CF1 is too big for a studio or one-bedroom unit and too little for a large house. Also, this gadget is a little pricey. Moreover, a UV filter and a spare filter are not supplied. Don’t buy this water filter if you want to save money.

I hope that this comparison of Springwell vs Fleck would be of great value for you to decide the best option for you. 

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