Kind Water Systems Reviews (Formerly EVO) 2023

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Kind Water Systems has experienced tremendous growth in popularity with its cutting-edge methods and track record of producing excellent water treatment systems using NSF-certified parts. They are now a well-known brand in the sector as a result of this. 

ImageKind E-3000 UV - Evo Water System
Editor Choice
Kind E-2000 UV - Evo Water System
Kind E-1000 UV - Evo Water System
Maximum Flow Rate30 gallons per minute20 gallons per minute10 gallons per minute
Filtration Stages332
Filter TypeCarbon Block + MoreCarbon Block + MoreCarbon Block + More
Contaminant Removal99%+99%+99%+
Maintenance FrequencyAnnualAnnualBi-Annual
Warranty5 years5 years3 years
Price RangeSee Actual PriceSee Actual PriceSee Actual Price
Coupon Code☝️ Get 5% off at KindWater.comUse code WFSOFF☝️ Get 5% off at KindWater.comUse code WFSOFF☝️ Get 5% off at KindWater.comUse code WFSOFF

Modern technology and sophisticated features are often incorporated into the water treatment systems provided by Kind Water Systems. The greatest levels of performance, safety, and quality are guaranteed for their products by their dedication to employing NSF-certified components.

Kind Water Systems’ user-friendly designs, easy installation, and responsive customer support further contribute to their appeal. By exploring their tested favorites, customers can find reliable solutions to meet their water treatment needs.

We have tested and installed a couple of the current corporate favorites, and I will feature them in this Kind Water Systems Reviews guide along with all the pertinent company facts. 

Overview – Kind Water Filter System 

Kind Water Systems is a market leader in the water sector with a focus on cartridge whole-house solutions. The company stands out from its rivals thanks to its cutting-edge salt-free softener and filter technologies.

The emphasis Kind Water Systems places on cartridge systems is one of its main benefits. The fact that these systems are simple to install and don’t take up much floor space, in contrast to tank-based alternatives, makes them quite useful. They are therefore an easy option for people who want to raise the quality of their water without sacrificing their living quarters.

Being environmentally sustainable is what distinguishes Kind Water Systems. A sustainable option for people concerned about their environmental impact, their cartridge systems run without the need for chemicals or effluent.

Kind Water Systems provides clean, filtered water without adding to water pollution or chemical waste by leveraging cutting-edge filtering technology.

The low cost of Kind Water Systems is another outstanding feature. They work hard to provide their clients with affordable, high-quality water treatment options. This opens up a wide market for their products and guarantees that everyone may have affordable access to clean, safe water in their homes.

After all, Kind Water Systems excels in offering cartridge whole home systems that incorporate cutting-edge filtration and salt-free softener technologies. Their emphasis on cartridge systems simplifies installation and reduces the amount of space needed. Additionally, their dedication to environmental friendliness by doing away with the need for pesticides or effluent increases their attractiveness. The price of Kind Water Systems is reasonable.

Where Are Kind Water Filter Systems Built? 

Kind is a company that specializes in water filtration and treatment solutions are called. They are renowned for the high caliber and dependability of their products. Products made by Kind Water Systems are developed and constructed here in the country.

Kind takes pleasure in using NSF/ANSI-approved materials to build its water filtration systems. The NSF/ANSI certification guarantees that the parts adhere to high requirements for quality, performance, and safety. Kind makes sure that their solutions provide effective and efficient water filtering by employing certified components.

Additionally, Kind Water Systems backs the excellence of its goods with a lifetime warranty. Customers may feel secure knowing that their Kind water filtration system is covered against any manufacturing or material flaws thanks to this warranty. If there are any problems, Kind will fix them or replace the item at no extra cost to the consumer.

Kind Water Systems also provides a 120-day money-back guarantee. Customers can use this to test the product out and see for themselves how it performs. Customers who are dissatisfied with their Kind water filtration systems as well as Kind water purifier within 120 days of purchase may return it for a full refund.

In general, NSF/ANSI certified components are used in the USA manufacturing of Kind Water Systems products including Kind Water Purifier, guaranteeing excellent quality and dependability.

History Of Kind Water Filter System

Kind Water Systems is a reputable business with a long history in the water industry spanning several decades. Quality, performance, and user-friendliness have always been given priority by Kind Water Systems throughout their long history, all while keeping their prices in a competitive range. Kind Water Systems has worked tirelessly to produce outstanding products that adhere to the highest industry standards since its inception.

Kind Water Systems has amassed a wealth of knowledge and skill in offering dependable and efficient water solutions by dKindting itself to these basic concepts. Their broad experience enables them to comprehend the special requirements and difficulties experienced by customers in a variety of situations, including residential, commercial, and industrial ones.

Kind Water manufacturers have continuously improved their product offerings over the years to guarantee that they remain at the forefront of innovation, adapting to changes in industry standards and technological breakthroughs. They have created cutting-edge water systems that offer higher performance, durability, and efficiency because of their dedication to constant improvement.

As a result, Kind Water Systems has established a solid reputation for providing high-quality solutions that satisfy a variety of customer needs. They have established a solid reputation in the water business thanks to their track record of achievement and client satisfaction.

As a result of their many years in operation, Kind Water Systems can offer high-quality, high-performance water systems that are user-friendly and reasonably priced. Their dedication to perfection has enhanced their standing.

Product Review – Kind Water  Softener Reviews 

Kind Evo Water System e-3000 Reviews Whole House Salt-Free Softening Combo with UV

Kind E-3000 UV - Evo Water System

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

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Product’s Specifications 

  • Brand: Kind is a brand.
  • Filtration: Multi-stage Filtration 
  • Water Hardness Maximum: 75 GPG
  • Flow Rate: Upto 2 liters per minute 
  • Resin Tank Dimensions: 10″ x 54″ 
  • Brine Tank Dimensions: 18″ x 40″ 
  • Voltage: 110-240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Control valve: a digital metered valve
  • Design: Space Saving


For all of your water treatment requirements, the Premium E-3000UV Whole House Water Filtration & Salt-Free Water Softener System with UV Disinfection is the perfect choice. You have several advantages from this system, all of which guarantee high-quality water throughout your house.

You can have fully filtered, spring-like water available at all of your home’s faucets thanks to this technology. Water that is clean and refreshing can be used for drinking, cooking, taking a shower, and other daily activities thanks to the excellent removal of pollutants, sediment, chlorine, and other toxins by modern filtering technology.

The device also softens your hard water without leaving behind the slimy feeling that traditional water softeners frequently leave behind. Your pipes, appliances, and fixtures’ lifespans are extended, and their performance is optimized, thanks to the efficient reduction of scale building.

The Premium E-3000UV system’s capacity to disinfect with UV light is one of its most notable qualities. An additional layer of assurance and defense against potentially dangerous germs and microbes in your water supply is offered by this function. Your water is safe and pathogen-free thanks to the UV light’s efficient neutralization of these impurities.

With its Easy Water-In Water-Out Patented Design, the system is easy to install. The only connections needed for this design are four. Even better, you may choose to install the system yourself as a do-it-yourself job if you have some knowledge of basic plumbing. Any plumber or handyman, however, may install the system if you want expert help. If a licensed plumber was not engaged in the installation, rest assured that your guarantee is still in effect.

A complete answer for your water treatment needs is provided by the Premium E-3000UV Whole House Water Filtration & Salt-Free Water Softener System with UV Disinfection. It provides clean, energizing, and secure water to every tap in your home by combining efficient filtration, salt-free water softening, and UV disinfection. For homeowners looking for high-quality water throughout their homes, this system offers convenience and peace of mind thanks to its simple installation procedure and flexible options.


  • Effectively softening water.
  • High rate of flow.
  • Compact style.
  • Efficiency of salt.
  • Simple to use controls.


  • Higher upfront costs.
  • Space restrictions.
  • Plastic body

Kind E-2000 Salt-Free Water Softener With UV 

Kind E-2000 UV - Evo Water System

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

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Product’s Specifications

  • Filtration: Multi-stage filtration system
  • Capacity: Filters up to 2,000 liters (528 gallons)
  • Efficiency: Removes chlorine, odors, contaminants, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals
  • Flow Rate: Up to 2 liters per minute
  • Installation: Easy installation on faucets or under-sink
  • Design: Compact and space-saving
  • Operation: User-friendly controls and filter replacement
  • Maintenance: Minimal maintenance, filter replacement every 6-12 months
  • Certifications: Complies with industry standards for water quality and safety
  • Filtration: System with multiple stages.
  • Capacity Filter: Up to 2,000 liters (528 gallons) of capacity can be filtered
  • Effectiveness: Removes heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, pollutants, and chlorine
  • Installation: Under-sink or faucet installation is simple.
  • Design: Space-saving and compact Operation: Simple controls and filter replacement
  • Filter Replacement: Filter replacement is required every 6 to 12 months with minimal maintenance.
  • Certifications: Meets industry requirements for water purity and security


A cutting-edge option to improve the water quality in your home is the E-2000UV Whole House Salt-Free Water Softener with UV. Currently in stock and prepared to rKindlutionize your water experience is this very effective water purification system.

The E-2000UV is built to deliver great performance and customer satisfaction and has a remarkable rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Its remarkable flow rate of 15 gallons per minute (GPM) offers a continuous and regular water supply throughout the entire home, making it appropriate for households with up to 6 bathrooms.

This system’s salt-free operation, which does away with the requirement for conventional salt-based water softeners, is one of its main benefits. This entails that you can benefit from softened water without having to worry about refilling salt. The E-2000UV uses cutting-edge technology to stop the buildup of scale and minerals, safeguarding your pipes and appliances while retaining the purity of your water.

Additionally, this water softener includes a UV disinfection feature that efficiently gets rid of any potentially dangerous bacteria, viruses, and germs in your water. By doing this, you may be certain that the water you and your family use for drinking, bathing, and cooking is secure and free of any impurities that could be dangerous.

A state-of-the-art development in high-performance water softening technology, the Kind E-2000UV whole home water salt-free softener with UV purification is the latest innovation. It provides a thorough remedy to guarantee worry-free water in every area of your house, free from the damaging effects of salt and hard water scale. You can say goodbye to large, space-consuming tanks that require pricey installations with this cutting-edge solution.

The Kind E-2000UV ensures effective water softening without the use of salt by adopting cutting-edge salt-free softening technology. This indicates that you can benefit from soft water without adding more sodium to your water source. Additionally, the system successfully prevents the buildup of hard water scale, which can result in clogged pipes and a shorter lifespan for your appliances.


  • Modern filtration techniques.
  • A large spectrum of pollutants is eliminated.
  • Easy to install and small.
  • A monitoring interface that is easy to use.


  • Higher upfront costs.
  • Replacement of filters and routine maintenance.
  • Installation room is necessary

Kind E-1000 Whole House Water Filter System With UV 

Kind E-1000 UV - Evo Water System

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

⭐️ Our readers get 5% off at – 👉 Use Code WFSOFF

Product’s Specifications 

  • Flow Rate: The filter’s 15 GPM flow rate guarantees a steady supply of purified water throughout your house.
  • Suitable for Larger Homes: This water filter is made to provide clean, safe water for the entire household in homes with up to six bathrooms.
  • 120-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: You have 120 days to decide whether or not you like the product and make sure it lives up to your expectations.
  • Simple Installation and Upkeep: The filter is made for simple installation.


Modern carbon filtering technology is used in the innovative system known as the Kind E-1000UV whole-house water filter with UV purification. It is designed precisely to supply you with pure, secure, and cooling water throughout your entire home, giving you peace of mind.

The days of relying on large, bulky tanks that not only require costly installations but also take up valuable floor space are long gone. The small and effective design of the Kind E-1000UV eliminates the need for large equipment and maximizes the use of your living space.

This filtration system efficiently removes pollutants, chemicals, sediment, and bad odors from your water supply by using high-performance carbon filtration. The water you drink and use for daily activities is free from dangerous elements thanks to the carbon filter media’s effective absorption and trapping of pollutants.

The Kind E-1000UV includes UV purification technology in addition to its excellent filtering capabilities. A further layer of safety for you and your family is provided by the integrated UV sterilizer, which seeks out and destroys dangerous microorganisms including bacteria and viruses.

Every faucet in your home will supply you with refreshing, great-tasting water when you install the Kind E-1000UV. Knowing that your water has been meticulously filtered and cleansed will give you peace of mind whether you’re drinking, cooking, or taking a bath.

After all, the Kind E-1000UV whole home water filter with UV purification is a creative and effective approach to thorough water treatment. It combines cutting-edge UV sterilization with carbon filtering technology to guarantee that your household has access to clean and safe water without requiring heavy machinery or extensive installations. With the best whole-house filter, the Kind E-1000UV, enjoy worry-free, great-tasting water from every faucet in your house.


  • The high caliber of the filtering.
  • Enhanced taste and odor of the water.
  • Simple to install and maintain.
  • Cost-effective approach.
  • Environmental advantages.


  • Space needs.
  • Initial expenditure.

Do Kind Water Softeners Work?

Yes, Kind water softeners are quite good at removing limescale deposits brought on by hard water. High concentrations of minerals like calcium and magnesium are found in hard water, which can cause ugly deposits to form on surfaces like faucets, showerheads, and pipes. These deposits may slowly accumulate and result in several issues, such as diminished appliance performance, clogged plumbing, and restricted water flow.

You may greatly lessen the effects of hard water on your property by installing an Kind water softening. Ion exchange is a technique that these water softeners employ to get rid of the extra minerals that cause water hardness. The water becomes softer as a result of the sodium ions that are exchanged for the calcium and magnesium ions in the ion exchange resin inside the water softener.

Existing limescale deposits in your appliances and plumbing system may eventually dissolve with continued usage of a water softener. The buildup of scale is broken down and flushed away when the softened water passes through the pipes, fixing the issue. The degree of the buildup and the frequency of water use in your home will determine how long it takes to eliminate the limescale deposits.

Kind water softeners have several advantages over traditional softeners, in addition to avoiding the growth of new scales and removing old deposits. Additionally, it increases the lifespan and effectiveness of water-dependent equipment like washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters, which may help you save money on maintenance and energy costs.

What Is The Kind Water Systems Coupon Code? 

Are you looking to get the Kind Water System for less money? You can now get an extra $50 off on top of Kind Water Systems’ existing sale pricing by using the special discount code “WFSOFF.”

Not only that but for orders totaling over $99, Kind manufacturers also provide free shipping to all states that qualify. This makes getting the Kind Water System delivered right to your door even more convenient because you can save money on both the product’s price and the delivery costs.

You should not pass up this chance to improve your water quality while keeping your budget happy. However, when checking out, do not forget to use the discount code “PROMO50” to receive this additional discount.

How Can You Install The Kind Water Filter System? – Kind Water Softeners Installation 

Due to the inline architecture of the Kind water system, which only needs two connections (water-in and water-out), installation is exceptionally straightforward. Due to this, it is a DIY project that can be finished in less than two hours.

Every Kind filtration system includes an installation kit with all the parts required for a wall mount installation. Additionally, it may be set up both indoors and outside depending on the configuration of your property.

Replacement Of The Filters

The Kind water systems’ sediment and carbon block filters last for 12 months before needing to be updated. Compared to other cartridge-based solutions, which normally need refills every 3 to 6 months, this is a far longer lifespan. Contrarily, the salt-free softener cartridge never needs to be changed. It just takes around 15 minutes to replace the filters.

You can sign up for the auto-ship service, which offers an additional 15% discount, for more convenience and money savings. Since the filters automatically come to your doorstep once a year thanks to this feature, you no longer need to keep track of your filter replacement cycle.

Tips To Install The Kind Water Filter Systems 

  • Firstly, turn off the main water supply line to your home.
  • Use the provided spanner wrench to loosen the filter housing to make it able to collect the water.
  • Remove the old filter cartridge and insert the new one into the filter housing.
  • Check the O-rings on the top of the housing and replace them with the new ones provided.
  • After that, fasten the filter housing all the way.
  • Now slowly turn on the main water supply.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Kind Water Systems 

Here are given some of the important factors that you need to consider before you choose to purchase an Kind water softener. 

Hardness Level

For municipal water supplies with light or moderate hardness levels (less than 15 PPM of hardness), salt-free softeners, like the Kind system, perform incredibly well. This is particularly true in regions like some of California where ion exchange softeners are outlawed. However, a salt-based water softener will deliver the desired outcomes if your water source has excessively hard water.

Water Supply

The Kind Water System was created primarily to treat pollutants in city water. The use of a specialist well water filtering system is preferable if you have well water.


Cartridge filtration systems take up very little room. Kind systems can be installed more compactly than tank-based systems because they are wall-mounted and take up no floor space. This benefit is especially important for salt-based softeners that have an extra brine tank to store the necessary salt.


When looking for the best whole-house filter and softener system, staying within your budget is essential. Fortunately, relative to their rivals and tank-based systems, Kind systems are very inexpensive. The best option is a cartridge-based system if your budget is limited.


How Do Kind water softeners function?

Template-assisted crystallization (TAC), a physical alteration method, is used to treat hardness minerals with Kind salt-free water softeners. Magnesium and calcium minerals can no longer stick to your pipes, appliances, or dishware once they have passed through the softener cartridge.

Do Salt-free Kind Softeners Work?

Yes, the harmful effects of hard water can be efficiently eliminated by using Kind eSoft salt-free softener cartridges up to 96% of the time.

What Is The Lifespan Of Kind Water Filters?

The carbon block and sediment filters in Kind systems need to be updated every 12 months. If necessary, the sediment filter can be rinsed more than once. The cartridge for the eSoft salt-free water softener never has to be changed.

Conclusion – Kind Water Softener Reviews

Kind Water Systems focuses heavily on customer satisfaction while offering cost-effective, high-performance water filtering solutions. Their products, including the Kind cartridge filter, ensure clean and clear water by effectively removing particles and contaminants. 

You can enjoy security and protection against flaws with a substantial warranty. Kind systems are simple to install, making them available to users of various skill levels. Additionally, their dedication to providing outstanding customer service guarantees a great experience for the duration of product ownership. For dependable, affordable, and client-focused water filtration solutions, pick Kind Water Systems.

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