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When you’re looking for a water filtration system it is most important that you know the exact problem with your water; secondly, it is important that you find a good and reliable brand of filtration systems that are worth investing in, which will make you feel safe, and protect your health. In order to help those of you who need a water filter find quality products, we did some research and found that Pelican is one of the best brands on the market, offering a wide variety of products that cater to very different and specific needs. With other models, you may have to pay more for a water filter system because it contains filtration systems that eliminate contaminants which are not found in your water. With Pelican however, you can buy a filter which is precisely made for the contaminant in your water, or customize it to cover more needs.

In what follows we are going to look at the various Pelican Water Filters and Softeners. so you can get an idea of what each product does. Pay close attention to the features and specs on each of them, and when the time comes to test your water and find a solution, you’ll know exactly what you need.

Pelican Water Systems for All Needs

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Like most Pelican products, this product comes in two models, the Pelican PSE1800 and the Pelican PSE2000, which of course differ in capacity; while the first model is suitable for 1 to 3 bathrooms, the second can serve a household with 4 to 6 bathrooms. The first filters a capacity of up to 600,000 gallons of water, and the second an astounding 1,000,000 gallons; overall, each filter is built to last about five years if used in the capacities indicated, or when the quantity of water indicated has been filtered and used. These water filter systems have an operating pressure between 25 and 80 PSI, and function normally at temperatures ranging between 36 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The only thing you have to worry about with one of these filters is replacing the sediment pre-filter every 6 to 9 months, and the media in Tank 1 every five years, but the media in the second Tank is valid for life.

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The main difference that this Pelican water filter system brings is that it includes a very efficient water softener which is salt-free and which does not strip the water of necessary minerals. So if you have hard water, installing a filter like this can really change things around the house; it will be safer to cook and consume the water, your skin and hair will be protected thanks to the controlled pH, and even your pets and garden will be thankful for receiving quality water.

Pelican Water Systems for All Needs

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Available in two models, the PC600 and PC1000, this filtration system is the basis for the softener we presented above; this is a one-tank type of filter, and it is added to the water softener filter in order to create the products just presented. Thus, if you don’t have problems with the hardness of your water, just with contaminants, this is the perfect solution for you. As said before, one filter has a capacity for 600,000 gallons and the other for 1 million gallons of water; they require sediment pre-filter replacement every 6 to 9 months, whereas the media in the tank only need changing every five years on average. Thus, depending on how many bathrooms you have, choose one or the other water filter. These Pelican filters do not require electricity and do not waste water, so you can say they’re quite ecological and economical.  Operating pressure and temperatures are the same as for the products above.


When there are traces of metal in your water, you’ve got a serious problem and should do something about it immediately; although our bodies contain some small quantities of metal, even the slightest elevation above that can be harmful to the health. This is where the Pelican Iron and Manganese water filters come in, specifically designed to target the soluble metals that may be found in your water and to stop them, all while purifying the water of other contaminants as well. The simplest variant is the Pelican Iron & Manganese Tank, with models WF1054 for 1-3 bathrooms and the WF1354 for 4-6 bathrooms; you already know the gallon capacities. The way this filter works is that it catches the iron and metals in a gravel media, and then has it flushed out through a specific backwash system that it features; with it, your fixtures and appliances will not rust or stain anymore. The pH ranges between 7 and 11 with this filtration system, and the other operating criteria are the same as before. This model comes with a special drain, which is to flush out the metals from your water.

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The Pelican Iron & Manganese Water Filter has an additional tank that also filters and purifies the water; this tank has four stages of media that clean the water, with the second tank working specifically for eliminating the metals from water. The four stages of filters contain a sediment filter, a chlorination system, carbon filtration and the Greensand Plus Iron Removal. Finally,  you can also purchase this water filter combined with a water softener, which results in a very powerful filtration system that eliminates contaminants, metals and softens the water without using salts. Thus, it features five stages of filtration, the fifth being a commercial grade media granule, which softens the water; this, combined with the metal filters, truly ensure that your sinks, toilets, and other objects are no longer stained, rusted or affected by the deposits in your water.

Pelican Water Systems for All Needs


This is a one-tank filter specifically designed to fight against hard water and its effects on your health and the maintenance of your objects. As you may already suspect, it too comes in two models of different capacities and has the same specification values as the tanks presented so far. By now you have realized that Pelican filters are very customizable, so you can combine the tanks you need in order to solve the problems of your water; we’ve already mentioned how the Pelican water softeners are salt-free, and that if you only need the softener, its filtering media is valid for a lifetime, with only the sediment pre-filter requiring replacement, as seen so far.

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You can tell Pelican is a company completely dedicated to offering the best products and services when it comes to water filtration and purification since it even has a parallel project of collaboration with Trojan to create the best systems for disinfection. Thus, one can choose between the multiple models of Trojan UV Max Disinfection Systems, which are suitable for homes, boats and even RVs. These systems do use electricity and operate at pressures ranging between 4 and 125 PSI, and temperatures between 32 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit. They can be installed vertically or horizontally. The Trojan Integrated Whole Home System is specifically designed for the home, and is made up from a three-stage system: a 5-micron sediment reduction cartridge, a 5-micron carbon block filter, and a Trojan UV Max D4; these UV systems from Trojan kill all microorganisms from the water, leaving no viruses and bacteria to worry about. There are several more filtering and disinfection systems from Trojan and Pelican, and some even cater to commercial grade needs.

Pelican Water Systems for All Needs

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These are the main products from Pelican, and they represent the basis of what normal consumers would need for their homes; the water filtration systems from Pelican can be combined and customized as we’ve seen, so you can build a filter that eliminates contaminants, that softens the water, that eliminates traces of metals, and which disinfects and eliminates microorganisms, all rolled into one. An important mention, however, is that even a single filter tank can be very expensive, so the initial investment can seem steep; however, all products are very long-lasting and efficient, so in time you not only recover your investment but end up saving money and time. Pelican also offers special filtration systems for wells, for showers, drinking filters, and replacements for filters that need changing.

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