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Although they put a lot of effort into purifying water, municipal water institutions rarely manage to deliver potable water to people’s homes. Despite the fact that water is reasonably pure after benefiting from the filtration process, on its way to people’s homes, it gathers rust and other dangerous contaminants, as most cities still use very old water pipes. Furthermore, even the elements used to purify water can leave behind toxic byproducts which are harmful to people’s health. What is the best way to protect yourself from the risks associated with impure water? The answer to that question is water filter systems. However, even if we were to install faucet filters on all of our homes’ water sources, that does not mean that we would always benefit from pure water. How can we benefit from pure water when we are at work or on a trip? In those situations, the best products are water pitchers. Despite the fact that these filters are designed to be portable, they can also be used at home. They are very useful because they allow you to only filter your drinking water. The same can be said about water filter dispenser. These devices are a great way to save money. Since they are only used for drinking water, they will last a lot more than faucet water filters. Furthermore, they also allow you to cool your drinking water by storing the pitcher in the fridge or by mounting a water dispenser directly inside the fridge. Today, we will talk about PUR water pitchers & dispensers, which are not only just efficient but also very affordable.

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The most interesting thing about this water pitcher is the electronic filter indicator light which lets you know when the filter needs to be changed. As you can imagine, pitchers and water dispensers can rarely match the efficiency of other types of water filters since they are very small, compact and portable. Since their efficiency isn’t top notch, the last thing you want is an overused filter which doesn’t do anything. This pitcher’s filter indicator flashes green when the filter is barely used, it flashes yellow when the filter’s lifespan is approaching its end and red when the filter needs to be changed. Usually, a filter cartridge delivers about 40 gallons of clean water before needing to be replaced. We also like the fact that this pitcher has a rather large capacity so it can be great for home use. The pitcher’s filter reduces the taste and odor of chlorine, traps 95% of the mercury found in tap water and it diminishes the trace levels of pharmaceuticals by 96%. Another great advantage of this filter is the fact that it does not trap fluoride, which is very beneficial to dental health. It has a modern design which also happens to be very efficient from a space-saving point of view, allowing it to comfortably fit in the refrigerator. This is one of the best-rated pitchers and it only costs $34.99.

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pur water pitchers dispensers


The following filter pitcher has a smaller capacity which makes it ideal for camping adventures and other types of trips. It can hold 5 8-oz glasses. Like most PUR products, this pitchers delivers pure water which contains 95% less mercury and 96% less pharmaceuticals than tap water. In fact, this is the only pitcher filter which was actually tested to remove as much trace levels of pharmaceuticals. It also eliminates the unpleasant taste and odor of chlorine but it maintains fluoride which is very beneficial for everybody’s health. The small capacity results in a compact design which allows it to fit in any refrigerator without problems. The filter is designed to deliver about 40 gallons of clean water. Since this pitcher does not have a filter indicator, you might want to calculate how much water you drink per day and estimate when you should change the filter. As we already knew that PUR water filters are quite affordable, we were not surprised to discover that this pitcher only costs $19.99.


This medium-sized-capacity pitcher is ideal for a family of two. It can also be great for the office. The pitcher uses a premium carbon filter which removes 95% of mercury, 96% trace levels of pharmaceuticals. The taste of the water is also improved, as the filter removes chlorine’s unpleasant taste and odor. However, it does not remove the beneficial fluoride. The pitcher can hold seven 8-oz glasses of water. This pitcher also has a compact shape, designed to occupy as little refrigerator space as possible. This pitcher’s filter can deliver 40 gallons of fresh water before needing to be replaced. This PUR pitcher can be acquired for only $21.99.

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pur water pitchers dispensers


This following filter has the same features as the previous pitcher, the only difference being the fact that it has a filter indicator light. In our experience, such a feature is very useful as it prevents the overuse of a filter, thus allowing you to make sure that your drinking water is always pure. The filter is designed to deliver 40 gallons of pure water, but you needn’t worry about the filter’s lifespan as you will have the trustful indicator to let you know when it is time to replace the old filter. This extra feature only costs $6, so the overall price of this pitcher is $27.99. Furthermore, this pitcher is also very slim, so it might even fit in your refrigerator door.

pur water pitchers dispensers


Pitchers are great because they do not require water pressure and they are compact and portable. However, they have rather small capacity and although their designs are compact, sometimes it can be bothersome to find a place for them in the refrigerator. This is where water filter dispensers come in handy as they have a bigger capacity and they can be mounted inside the refrigerator. This particular dispenser can hold 1.125 gallon of water, the equivalent of 18 9-oz cups of water. The filter traps the unpleasant taste and odor of chlorine, removes 95% of mercury and 96% trace levels of pharmaceuticals. Like the PUR water pitchers, it does not remove fluoride, which is not only safe but also beneficial. This dispenser is also very easy to refill as it comfortably fits in most kitchen sinks. Its design is meant to distribute weight uniformly, so that you can maneuver the tank with minimum effort. The filter delivers 40 gallons of clean water before needing replacement and the overall dispenser only costs  $34.99.

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