Aquasana Best Drinking Water Filter Systems Reviews

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Pure water is essential for the well-being of our bodies. Nevertheless, despite the fact that we live in a very advanced society, pure water is not easy to come by. The municipal water systems usually deliver clean yet not potable water. Although drinking tap water won’t cause immediate health problems, in the long run, it could severely affect your health. As a result, most people choose to drink bottled water. However, this isn’t a viable solution either as bottled water can be quite expensive. Furthermore, this doesn’t eliminate all contact with water as you must still use tap water for cooking and washing. The only solution to all of these problems is a good water filtration system. Today, we will take a look at some of the top-rated drinking water filter systems. We’ve chosen to present you mainly under-counter systems since these are the most comfortable to use. Here is the complete review of Aquasana best drinking water filter systems.

aquasana best drinking water filter systems

Aquasana AQ-5300 Under Counter Picture

Aquasana 3-Stage Max Flow Claryum Under Sink Water Filter System

The AQ-5300 Under Counter is one of the best filters on the market. It has received a lot of good reviews because it has a good price-to-quality ratio. It can be acquired for $124.99. Its capacity is 20% bigger than similar products on the market. This filter is designed to trap over 60 types of water contaminants such as choline, chloramine, and much more. If you are not sure about the many benefits of this water filter, you needn’t take our word for it, but you should know that this system is NSF 42 & 53 Certified. It is easy to install, the filter changing process doesn’t take more than a few minutes and the 0.5 gallons per minute water flow rate is sufficient for any task. The system also features a performance indicator that will display the efficiency of the filter while also notifying you when the filter needs to be changed.

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Aquasana AQ-5200 Under Counter Picture

Aquasana 2-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System

The following filter can be acquired for only $99. Like most Aquasana filters, the AQ-5200 is NSF 42 & 53 Certified. This is a 2 stage water filter designed to deliver pure water as fast as possible. It removed 60 types of water contaminants and up to 97% of chlorine and chloramines. The filters can easily be changed without having to disconnect any hoses or water lines. The indication device shows the performance of the filter, thus letting you know when you need to replace it. One cartridge should last about 6 months, the equivalent of 500 gallons of filtered water. It comes with a one-year warranty and a 90-day guarantee.

Aquasana AQ-5100 Under Counter Replacement Filter Picture

Aquasana AQ-5100R AQ Replacement

The next drinking water filter on our list is the AQ-5100 Under counter filter. If you thought the two filters presented above were both cheap and efficient, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the AQ-5100 only costs $49. Despite being extremely cheap, this filter will eliminate most of your water contaminants such as lead, herbicides, pesticides, and much more. Needless to say, this filter is efficient enough in order to remove 97% chlorine and chloramines. It has a flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute. Furthermore, it also comes with a chrome faucet which matches most modern kitchen styles. The package includes all items necessary for the installation process which shouldn’t take more than an hour. In order to replace the filter, all you have to do is do a quarter turn on the new cartridge housing in order to remove the old filter. This single-stage filtration system can handle about 200 gallons of water before needing a filter replacement. This means that the filter has a lifespan of about 6 months. It comes with a 1-year warranty and a 90-day guarantee.

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Aquasana AQ-4000 Countertop Picture

Aquasana Countertop Drinking Water Filter System

The last filter on our list is not an under-counter water filter, but a countertop system. However, we found this system to be very efficient and affordable so we will overlook the countertop style, especially since it has a rather modern design. This filter is 10 times more efficient than pitcher filters. What we most like about this filter is that it removes most water contaminants, but it keeps the healthy minerals, a feature that few filters have. It uses a twin cartridge and a three-stage filtration system in order to eliminate sediment, turbidity, microscopic particles, chlorine, chloramine, lead, mercury, cysts, pesticides, herbicides, and much more. The taste and odor of the water are greatly improved after having passed through this filtration system. The filter has a 6 months lifespan, the equivalent of 450 gallons of filtered water. The systems presented above are 4 of the top-rated drinking water filter systems. Aquasana is a leading name in the water filter industry. This brand is known to produce top-quality products which last a reasonable amount of time. You may have been surprised by the small prices of the filters presented by us. The reason why the prices are so small is that these filters are currently on sale and they have a 50% discount. We advise you to grab one of these aquasana best drinking water filter systems as soon as possible before the sale ends.

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