The following privacy policy is meant to help you understand how information is gathered and used on our website. Using our website means that you are accepting our privacy policy. If you don’t accept the privacy principles stipulated in the hereby policy, please stop using our website.

Registration and contact forms

Certain portions of this site may only be accessed by authorized users. You can become an authorized user by completing a registration form. This information will be used in order to contact authorized users, so that we can notify them of special news or changes in the user agreement. You will also be asked to provide a certain amount of information if you wish to contact us. This information can be used by us in order to contact you, as requested by you through the contact form.

Passively collected information

Our website uses special software in order to passively collect information from the people who visit us. This means that you are not actively giving us this information. Nevertheless, this information is non identifiable, so we can’t use it to contact you. It mainly refers to the type of browser that you use, your operating system, the date when you visit the site, the pages that you visit or your Internet Protocol address. The IP address is a unique code which is automatically given to your computer when you access the internet. This type of information is mainly used for managing our site and customizing it to your interests, but also for solving certain server related problems. The most important passive information collection technology is most commonly known as cookies.

What are cookies and how do we use them?

Our website uses cookies for collecting non-identifiable information from the users. A cookie is a small file which is downloaded on you computer. It can store small amounts of data. There are two types of cookies: temporary cookies and permanent cookies. The temporary ones are automatically deleted when you close the browser, whereas the permanent ones are stored for larger periods of time. Cookies can be manually deleted by accessing the browser’s preferences. Browsers also allow you to block cookies or to receive notifications when cookies are downloaded on your computer. It is important to understand that the information collected by cookies, is only used for traffic statistics. These statistics help us see which content is more appreciated by the visitors, what are the main interests our visitors and so on. With the help of this information, the website can be optimized according to the needs of the majority of the visitors.

Actively collected information

This type of information is actively provided by the users in certain situations. It is generally identifiable information, meaning that it can be used for contacting, identifying or locating the users. For example, if you wish to contact us, you need to fill in the form featured in the Contact section of the website. In order for us to be able to answer your inquiries we need a name and an e-mail address. All information specified by you in the contact form is stored in a user database. This information can also be used for improving the website.

Privacy and disclosure

The information collected on our website is used mainly for statistics. Knowing in what areas most of our users live or what interests they have can help us offer them a personalized experience on our website. By constantly improving our website, we can increase our number of visitors and even build long lasting relationships with our users. The information collected by us is generally not shared with third parties. Exceptions include affiliates and law enforcement systems. For example, if you are directed to our website from an affiliate, we can share your information with that affiliate. Moreover, if we are legally required by the law to disclose the information collected on our website, we will share it with the authorized institutions in order to protect our rights and our properties. Other than that, you can rest assured, knowing that the information that we collect from you will not be traded, sold for profit or given freely to any third party. Moreover, we use bank level security systems in order to protect your information and our website from unauthorized access.

Disclaimer of liability

The content provided on this website does not leave any room for interpretation. It must be taken as it is and it does not come with warranties of guaranties of any type. We do not guarantee that this site will run uninterrupted or that it doesn’t have any errors. The content featured on this website must only be used for information purposes. By using this website, you agree to be here at your own risk.


On this website, you will sometimes encounter links that lead to external websites. We are not responsible for the content published on those websites. Moreover, keep in mind that once you are sent to another website through our own website, our privacy policy does not apply to that website. For your protection, read the privacy polity of any website that you visit.


We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. It is advised to visit this page from time to time in order to be up to date with the latest modifications.