Krystal Pure Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

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When we think about ways in which we can protect our health, the first things that come to mind are diet and exercise. While these elements are very important for a healthy lifestyle, one must also find a way of reducing exposure to chemicals and pollution. For example, the number of people who use water filter systems is quite small, despite the fact that most cities use water pipes that are over 100 years old. As a result, the water that reaches our homes is filled with different types of contaminants. here is the detailed review of Krystal pure reverse osmosis water filters.

krystal pure  reverse osmosis water filters


One thing you must understand is that each individual contaminant requires a certain type of purification. Some contaminants are destroyed through distillation, others through filtration. Ideally, all people should do a chemical analysis of their water in order to see what type of contaminants they are dealing with. Sadly, few people actually do this. Most people just buy the cheapest products. Others don’t even care about dangerous contaminants and they simply want to remove the unpleasant taste and odor.

The best thing to do before buying a water filter system is to check the NSF list of water contaminants and look for water filters that are designed and tested to reduce those contaminants. However, you should not focus only on products that are NSF-certified. Sadly, while these certifications are quite useful, they also cost water filter manufacturers a lot of money, which can cause price increases. A lot of manufacturers sell 2 variations of the same filter: one which is certified and another identical one that is not certified. A filter should be evaluated based on its specifications, the quality, and durability of the parts as well as the brand’s reputation. Furthermore, it is always better to buy filters with warranty packages that cover more than a year of labor. Today, we are going to present you three Krystal Pure systems which use the renowned Reverse Osmosis technology.


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Krystal Pure KR15 Review

As you probably know by now, reverse osmosis technology is one of the best water filtration solutions. In fact, this technology is even used by numerous bottled water distributors. What we love most about Krystal pure products is that they come with a 5-year limited warranty. They are also covered for a year of in-home labor and the filter membrane benefits from a 3-year replacement service.

This system uses a premium pre-filtration technology, which traps the biggest contaminants in order to prologue the life of the membrane. This water filtration is just as good as similar products which are worth over $1000. However, this system only costs $320. It uses a maximum absorption technology, which ensures over 60 times more carbon contact than similar products which results in a higher quality filtration process.

Krystal Pure Replacement Filters KR15 Reverse Osmosis System

This water filter system is designed to handle as much as 30 gallons of water per day. The water is stored in a 3.2-gallon storage tank in order to ensure a steady flow. Once emptied, the tank is quickly refilled thanks to the fast filtration process. This water filter also comes with a professional water test monitor which keeps you up to date with the membrane’s efficiency. Last but not least, the system comes with a long-reach faucet which is not only convenient but also very stylish as it features several decor-matching colors. As we like to review a product not only based on its technical specifications but also based on its actual performance, we also researched various customer reviews. As it turns out, this system is top quality, and numerous customers reported that it works great even after 5 or more years of use.

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As far as the contaminants go, this water filter is ideal against sediment, lead, cyst, chemicals, microorganisms, and pharmaceuticals. needless to say, it removes the unpleasant taste and odor of chlorine, delivering pure and great-tasting water.

Krystal Pure Reverse Osmosis Water Filters 2

Krystal KR10 Reverse Osmosis Review

Just like the KR15, the Krystal Pure KR10 is an under-sink water filter system. Although it shares a lot of features with the KR15 model, the KR10 model is a lot cheaper and can be acquired for only $220. Furthermore, the replacement filters are also very cheap as they only cost $26.77. A lot of people out there will say that a $200 water filter price tag is not exactly cheap as there are plenty of products that can be bought for less than $1000. However, keep in mind that this is not your average faucet filter. It is a highly efficient and durable water filter. With this system, you will never have to worry about low-quality parts that break and leak, nor will you have to worry about the quality of your water. The main difference between the KR15 and the KR10 is the pre-filtration. While the KR15 has a premium pre-filtration, the KR10 has a less effective, yet decent quality, deluxe pre-filtration.

Krystal Pure KR10

Just like the KR15, this system is designed to remove lead, pharmaceuticals, sediment, cyst, chemicals, microorganisms, and the unpleasant chlorine taste and odor. It has a 75% dissolved solids percentage. It has a similar design to the KR15 which includes the under-sink system, the water tank, and the convenient long-neck faucet.

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Krystal Pure KR5 Review

The following system is a two-stage under-sink water filtration system. It has a 2-year limited warranty, a 1-year in-home labor coverage, and a 1-year membrane replacement. It uses a 1/2 micron premium pre-filtration which protects the membrane. It can deliver as much as 20 gallons of pure water a day. The water is stored in a large 3.2-gallon tank.

Krystal Pure KR5

These three systems are some of the best, residential water filtration solutions on the market. They are easy to use, feature quality parts, and require little maintenance. Furthermore, their prices are very competitive, especially if you consider the fact that the efficiency of these systems rivals that of $1000 water filters. However, you should not purchase these systems unless you are sure that they will work against your water contaminants. remember to do a water analysis of your water in order to see what you are dealing with. If your water features other contaminants which cannot be trapped by these systems, you might want to consider other types of water filtration systems.

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