How to Use Pur Water Filter?

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Survival requires the most fundamental of necessities: water. However, make sure you only consume pure water that has not been tainted in any way. The PUR water filter plays an important part in this process. That is why it is important to know: how to use PUR water filter.

Even though it removes minerals and contaminants found in regular tap water, it adds a touch of sophistication to the beverage. It merely provides you with a healthy glass of water.

Here, I’ll give you the lowdown on using a PUR water filter.

How To Use PUR Water Filter?

You will get: 

  • Filter housing unit 
  • Filter cartridge
  • An adapter 
  • Sealing gaskets made from rubber 

Installing the Adapter

  • Most sinks include a detachable aerator that may be placed at the end of the faucet.
  • Turn off the water and unscrew the aerator from your sink. Examine the various adapters to see which one works best with your sink’s spout. Then, screw the adaptor onto your faucet after fitting it with the rubber gasket.

Installation Of Pur Water Filter

Step 1:Unscrew the filter’s top.

Unscrew the filter's top

Step 2

Take the cartridge out of its packaging and insert it into the filter unit’s top. Align the PUR logo on the front of your filter unit with the ‘front’ arrow on the filter cartridge. Place the filter cap and tighten the screw.

Lead in water can be temporarily reduced by using a certified filter. Although water filters are effective at reducing lead levels, they cannot ensure that all traces of the metal will be eliminated. Carefully following the instructions provided by the manufacturer is essential.

reducing lead levels

Make sure the filter you buy has been certified as meeting NSF/ANSI Standard 53 for lead reduction by reading the package before you buy it. Having the filter approved by NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for particle reduction is also recommended by the EPA.

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Step 3

Attach the filter unit to the adapter that is already attached to your faucet by pushing it on until you hear a click.

Attach the filter unit to the adapter

When compared to purchasing bottled water, how is a PUR water filter advantageous?

PUR-filtered water is undeniably superior to bottled water in terms of health benefits. With PUR’s water filters, there’s no need to go to the store and haul home heavy, bulky containers of water, nor wait for the water to be delivered.

When compared to purchasing bottled water, PUR’s water filters are more cost-effective. Also, unlike a lot of bottled water, which isn’t always confirmed, these filters have been appropriately certified by WQA and NSF.

The Value of Using PUR Water Filtration System

If you have ever seen a mud pool or a muddy pond, you know what polluted water looks like. In contrast, water is frequently tainted without evincing any outward symptoms.

Lead, for instance, is not the kind of pollutant you would likely detect in water. Many of the pipes used to transport water around the house are made of lead. As soon as it became clear that lead solders caused infections, production ceased. Nonetheless, lead solders remained popular up until the 1980s.

Lead in drinking water has been linked to stunted physical and mental development in children, which has been further linked to lower-than-average intelligence.

The water straight from the tap may be safe to drink in some locations, while in others it is not. They’re practically undrinkable because of the overwhelming chemical flavor and aroma. Additionally, filtered water is superior in many respects, including cleanliness, health benefits, and taste.

PUR Filter Problems

Advantages Of Using Pur Water Filter 

PUR’s water filter provides several advantages beyond its core function of purifying water by removing several pollutants and organic materials.

  • In addition to enhancing the water’s odor, it helps reduce the quantity of chlorine present.
  • The water filter cleans up to 40 gallons of water, so you may drink it safely, and it lasts for a couple of months.
  • The filter can be reused as well.
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PUR Filter Problems

Initial results showed that the PUR filter performed poorly.

The Problem 

The filtered PUR water had a very strong metallic flavor, despite our careful adherence to PUR’s installation guidelines. This flavor was detected only in the PUR-filtered water, not in the regular tap water.

Why This Could Be Happening 

To me, this was very out of the ordinary, so I speculated that our filter might be broken (which actually may have been the case). Nonetheless, I ran around 5 gallons of water through the PUR filter before purchasing a replacement, thinking that maybe it only needed to be flushed again.


We then retested the three filters with a new set of participants to see if the outcomes had changed, and they had. The second round of testing results (which is what we have here) was more convincing to us. Despite this, we believe it is critical to highlight the challenges we encountered while attempting to achieve a flavor profile that we found satisfactory using the PUR filter.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When should I change the filter in my sink’s water supply?

It is recommended that you change your PUR filter every three months or after 100 gallons of use, whichever comes first, to provide the best possible pollutant removal. As soon as the Filter Change Light begins blinking red, you should replace your filter.

For the first use, what are the best practices for operating a PUR filter?

Always use cold water when operating the filter. The black lever must be raised to use unfiltered water. Only use cold water to conduct your filter’s initial five-minute pre-wash. The filter must be activated by running cold water through it for five seconds before each usage.

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Final Words

Since water contaminants are invisible to the naked eye, many people today are understandably anxious about the safety of the water they drink. They’ve started using various water filters to ensure that their families have access to safe, wholesome drinking water.

Filters from PUR are highly recommended because they remove 99% of potentially harmful substances from the water. I hope that now you how to use PUR water filter.

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