How to Use Keurig Water Filter? 9 Simple Steps

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Coffee from your Keurig might be the thing that finally gets you out of bed in the morning. Even though your Keurig looks out for you, you still need to maintain it otherwise the quality of your brewed coffee and the machine itself may suffer. The best way to take care of your Keurig machine is to know how to use Keurig water filter properly to get the best coffee.

Not only this, but you should also know when you should change the Keurig water filter. Descaling your Keurig every three to six months is only part of keeping it clean. You should also regularly replace the water filter.

In this article, you will get to know how to use water filter and its replacement.

How To Use Keurig Water Filter?

Removal of the old filter cartridge 

Step 1: Take out the water reservoir

Take out the water reservoir

Remove the cap from the Keurig water tank. Most Keurigs’ water reservoirs are situated either on the left side or the back of the device. To get to the water filter, you have to take the top off the reservoir. Even if there is a little water remaining in the tank, you can still change the filter.

Step 2: Take out the filter.

Take out the filter

The filtration system must be disconnected from the storage tank. There will be a protruding handle for the upper filter holder in the water reservoir. With a firm grasp, pull the handle out of the tank.

The filter holder’s bottom will fit snugly into plastic notches on the water tank’s base. The filter apparatus can be unplugged by either gently wiggling it back and forth or by pulling on it firmly.

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If you have a Keurig from the Classic series, your filter will be black and have a timer in the shape of a ring. K300 and later models have tall, thin, clear filters while the K200 Plus’s filter is shorter and clear.

Step 3: Discard the used filter cartridge.

Discard the used filter cartridge

You should get rid of the old filter by taking it out of its holder. Using your forefinger and thumb, pinch the tabs at the bottom of the filter piece. To get rid of the old filter, first, pull the lower holder down and out of the way. The spent cartridge is simple to throw away with the rest of the garbage.

Step 4: Getting new filter cartridges

Getting new filter cartridges

Get yourself a replacement Keurig filter pack. Unfortunately, Keurig water filters are not available singly and must be purchased in a bundle. In most cases, you’ll find them in packs of six or twelve.

Keurig filters can be found in the same places as Keurig machines can be found, as well as at any business or department store that specializes in housewares and supermarkets. Kits with multiple filters can be purchased for a reasonable price. Packages may cost anywhere from $5 to $10, with price fluctuations based on the number of filters included.

Step 5: Setting up the new filter

Setting up the new filter

It is recommended to submerge the filter in water for about 5-10 minutes. Before installing the new filter into your Keurig and brewing your first cup of coffee, it is necessary to let the filter soak in water. Put the filter in a dish or glass that is half full of water. As the filter soaks, ensure it stays thoroughly submerged. The moment it settles to the bottom is the moment you know it is done.

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Step 6: Filter cartridge cleaning by rinsing

Filter cartridge cleaning by rinsing

Rinse the filter to clean it. To get the most out of your filter, give it a final rinse under running water after soaking. For at least a minute, keep the faucet running at a slow trickle while rinsing the filter.

Step 7: Take care of the filter holder’s cleaning:

Take care of the filter holder's cleaning

Take off the filter’s lower holder and give it a quick wash. The lower filter holder has a tiny layer of mesh on its underside. To get rid of the dirt and grime that has gathered through regular use, just rinse it with water from the sink.

Step 8: Replacing the old Keurig filter with the new one:

Replacing the old Keurig filter

Change out the filter that is housed in the filter housing. Make sure the new filter’s rounded top is facing up in the filter holder. Simply place the filter in the holder and snap the two sides together.

Turn the dial to the month in which you will need to replace the filter. Newer filter holders show not only the month but also the date the filter was replaced as well as the date it was installed.

Step 9: Reassemble the whole thing:

Reassemble the whole thing

Reassemble your machine, making sure to replace the water filter. The filter holder’s external side will click back into place when it is firmly reinserted into the reservoir’s bottom. If you put the holder properly, it should fit snugly inside. Check your alignment with the grooves to determine whether it will snap back into place.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When rehydrating a Keurig filter, should the water be warm or cold?

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Make sure to give the new Keurig charcoal water filter a good 10-minute soak in a jar of cool water. This will aid in cleaning the new water filters by capturing any stray charcoal. 

What comes up if you forget to swap out your Keurig filter?

Over time, the water from your Keurig will get less pure if you do not change its water filter. The flavor of your coffee may alter because of the delay in receiving a replacement filter. To keep your Keurig coffee maker functioning properly, it is recommended that you regularly replace the filter.

Final Words: how to use keurig water filter

When it comes to swapping out the water filter in your Keurig, you can find practically everything you need to know in this post. Do not overlook this step in your coffee maker’s upkeep schedule. The water filters are fascinating, so have fun learning about them, and keep drinking all that wonderful coffee.

I hope the above information regarding how to use Keurig water filter would be of great help to you.

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