Best Water Filter Systems

There was a time when air purifiers, humidifiers, and other similar systems were considered to be luxury appliances. Nowadays, their use is well known across the globe and a lot of people are learning how to make their lives easier by using these devices. The same thing can be said about water filter systems whose popularity is just beginning to rise.

water filter systems buying guide

Most people are unaware of the dangers of contaminated water and they think that they are safe if they drink bottled water. However, they couldn’t be more wrong as there are several other ways in which water contaminants can infiltrate one’s body. Today, we will teach you about the benefits of water filtration systems with a buying guide, while also helping you understand the main types of water filters and their individual benefits.

Why should you use water filtration systems?

A lot of people believe that water contaminants can only affect them when they drink tap water. However, water contaminants can also infiltrate your body through cooking water (contrary to popular belief, not all water contaminants are eliminated through boiling).

Water contaminants can also be inhaled during showers and baths or they can be absorbed through the skin’s pores. Therefore, a person who truly cares about their health and their family’s health should make sure to purify all of their home’s water sources.

Furthermore, aside from protecting your health from all possible water contaminants, water filters can also help you save money as you will no longer have to spend money on bottled water. A small tap system will practically pay for itself within two weeks of use.

That is how much money you are wasting by drinking bottled water instead of filtered water. Furthermore, make no mistake, most bottled water does not come from pure mountain springs, but it is in fact filtered water.

How to find the best water filter for your needs

Once you are convinced of how beneficial a water filter system can be, you might be compelled to hit the stores and buy one immediately. However, we need to warn you that the water filter system market is very versatile and finding the best product for your needs takes a lot of time and research.

The first thing that you need to know is that water filters can be divided into several categories. They can be classified based on their filtration system, but they can also be categorized according to the way they are used.

Based on their filtration system

For residential use, the most popular and the most efficient water filter systems are the ones that feature either a three-step purification system or a very fine membrane. These are not the only ways of purifying water.

Water can also be purified through distillation, ultraviolet radiation, or with the use of ceramic filters. However, none of these purification methods are commonly used in water filters destined for residential use. Therefore, let’s take a look at the two most popular purification systems and see which is the one most suited for your needs.

Three-step water filtration systems

Home filtration systems generally use several types of purification methods in order to capture a wide range of water contaminants. The three-step system is generally used on tap filters or on pitcher filters. This type of water purification system is very efficient and quite affordable.

The first step usually traps large water contaminants such as sediments. The second step features a filter which eliminates chlorine’s taste and odor. Although chlorine is not the most dangerous water contaminant, its taste and odor is quite unpleasant. The last step of such a filtration system is the carbon purifier.

The negatively charged activated carbon attracts even the smallest of water contaminants. Carbon filters are also used in air purifiers as they are very efficient in trapping all types of contaminants. Their only disadvantage is that the filter needs to be changed on a regular basis.

The Reverse Osmosis System

This system is widely used in residential water purification systems, but as it is highly efficient, it is also used by many bottled water distributors. This purification system uses a very fine membrane.

The water is forced through the membrane which traps several types of water contaminants. The downside of this purification system is that the membrane also traps minerals which are not only safe but quite important for a healthy life.


The location and the ease of use of a water filter is also important aspect to consider.

Pitcher Filters

A lot of people use pitcher filters which are often integrated into refrigerators. They can also be purchased separately and placed inside the fridge, generally on the door. They are very efficient and quite inexpensive. Their filters usually last between one and four months, depending on how much they are used.

Tap Water Filter Systems

This type of water filter is usually used in homes where the water is relatively clean and safe for laundry and bathing. However, there’s a big difference between clean water and potable water. This is where tap water filters come in handy. They can be mounted on any tap and they usually feature a three-stage filtration system.

Countertop water filters and under-sink filtration systems

This type of filter is similar to tap water filters, the only difference being the fact that they are not mounted directly on a faucet. Under-sink filters are a lot more convenient than countertop filters since they are placed in a less visible and less used area.

Whole house water filter systems buying guide

If you are living in an area with a severely dirty water supply, you will need a lot more than a tap water filter. Whole house systems are highly efficient, but they are also quite expensive. Nevertheless, in the long run, they can help you save money.

If you were to mount individual filters on all of your water sources, you would be spending quite a lot of money and you would have to maintain each filter individually. Whole house water purification systems require little maintenance and they protect not only your health but also your appliances and your sanitary ware. 

They are generally installed at the point where the main water supply is connected to your house.  Most such purification systems also feature a water softener.

Other types of water filter systems buying guide

As we mentioned above, water contaminants infiltrate your body not only when you drink unclean water, but also when you take a shower or a bath. Toxic chlorine vapors are also formed when you flush a toilet or when the washing machine is running. If you want to be completely protected, you might want to do some research on shower water f

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